Electrical preventive maintenance is the most fail-safe and cost-effective method of avoiding costly power outages, poor power quality, and equipment failures in your organization.

Emergency Service

In the event of a power failure or loss of power quality, it is important to know who to call. Stearns Electric provides customers with priority 24-hour emergency service.

Energized Preventive Maintenance Service

Diagnostic testing and most aspects of preventive maintenance are conducted with your systems up and running. Through the use of sophisticated infrared testing, Stearns Electric tests equipment for potential failures, hazards, and fire risks.

De-Energized Preventive Maintenance Service

Not all maintenance tasks can be safely and effectively performed on operating equipment. Therefore, it is important to schedule downtime during which essential maintenance tasks can be effectively and quickly performed. Typical de-energized maintenance services include an inspection and retorque of connections, cleaning and vacuuming critical components, and resistance tests.

45' Bucket Truck/Jib Crane Service